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Start getting fit today at Bloomington's CrossFit, our caring trainers are here to help! For a one of a kind fitness experience click on the links to some of our most popular services: fitness, health club, personal training and gyms. So if you are looking for a CrossFit training center in Bloomington, call us today and see what difference a fit and healthy body can make.
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CrossFit Lite

Join us for CrossFit Lite Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday at 6:30 pm.

This class has the same principles as a regular CrossFit class except we focus on Metabolic Conditioning (Met Con) without the use of barbells. We use med balls, kettle bells, bands, and body weight movements. This class does not have a Foundations course prerequisite.

Couch to Crossfit

Join us for a 4 week, 12 session program tailored specifically to beginners and people who want to try CrossFit but aren’t sure they’re ready for it!

Tuesday, Nov. 1st - M/T/TH 7:30pm

If you are scared to try CrossFit, feel like CrossFit would be too hard or are simply unsure about it, try our Couch to CrossFit Class. Classes will be held each Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6:30pm for 4 weeks. (Please show up early to fill out necessary paperwork.)

Classes will have a warm up, review of the movements from the prior session, technique session with new movements, a workout and mobility work. We will increase the length of the workout in small increments throughout the month.

At the end of the 12 sessions, the graduates will start their regular unlimited monthly membership right away.

Pursuit to Precision

Join our Olympic Weightlifting technique class, Pursuit to Precision. These classes emphasize the proper form, technique, footwork, and body mechanics necessary to successfully complete the Olympic Lifts. These classes are held on Tuesday and Thursday at 5:30 pm and Saturday at 11:00 am.

Crossfit Bloomington Trainers


I am Autymn Stafford, coach and owner at CrossFit Bloomington. I am an IU graduate with a degree in education. I am a CrossFit Level 1 certified trainer with certifications in mobility, endurance and pose method running, and Olympic lifting.

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Hi, My name is Andy and I’m one of your trainers at CrossFit Bloomington! In June 2014, I was hired as a Trainer at CrossFit Bloomington. I hope to continue to grow as a CrossFit Athlete, have a positive impact on those around me, and to teach everyone that its ...

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