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50m sled pull, bodyweight (inside)
100m Slam ball Run (30/20)
200m Sandbag Run (80/40)
300m Medball Run (30/20)
2 min rest between rounds


Burpees over the rower
Row for Calories

3 RFT:
6 Power Cleans, 185/125
6 Front Squat, 185/125
6 Jerks, 185/125
*3 min rest between rounds, goal is to go unbroken on all 18 reps


10 STO (135/95)

20 cleans


40 TTB

50 front squats

60 DL

70 pull ups

80 slam balls

90 burpees


150 DUs


Team or Individual Chipper (teams of 2)

150 airsquats
120 Box Jumps
90 GHD Situps
60 Pull Ups
30 Power Cleans 185/115
Individual will be half the reps 75, 60, 45, 30, 15

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