Nick VonFoerster

Age: 29
Application Support Analyst

I initially became interested in CrossFit because of the competition. I was a collegiate athlete at Ball State University and although my baseball career ended my competitive instincts did not. I wanted to try something that was going to allow me to compete with more than just myself and believed that CrossFit was that something.
Coming out of college, I was very anxious to adapt to the real world and a completely new social life. For about a year or so after graduation, I was still working out, but was really restricted when it came to the people and places I was socializing. I began to not only get bored with my workouts but myself. I only considered the competition and workouts that CrossFit supplied and never understood its emphasis on community. One of the most satisfactory aspects of CrossFit and especially CrossFit Bloomington is the community it provides. Yes, I love the workouts, but if it wasn’t for the people and trainers I would have been right back where I was right out of college……bored.
CrossFit Bloomington is my means of a healthy lifestyle while also providing enough social interaction for a lifetime. It provides a family friendly environment along with a challenging yet non-intimidating workout structure. It has completely changed my mindset of how I view working out and socializing from being a necessity to now my attendance at the gym being a top priority.