Beth Clawson

CrossFit Bloomington - Testimonials - Beth Clawson before-after
I started CrossFit because I watched the CrossFit games on TV. I took me a few years to get up the nerve, but I finally did it! And I was tired of being out of shape.
I do CrossFit now because I love how it makes me feel. I feel strong and so capable of most any physical task I come across. I also continue CrossFit as my form of self care. It is the one hour a day that I don’t have to think of anyone but myself. I am so thankful to the Autymn and the coaches for giving me that space. Crossfit has taught me or maybe reminded me how happy I am when I’m active. Exercise is definitely a key component of my mental health.
Bloomington Fitness Club has become a wonderful community to me. I feel so comfortable there. And inspired being around everyone working so hard. For a long while, I was the “quiet lady in the back” but now, I feel like we are part of a family and I feel safe speaking up and connecting.