Alex Westlund

Age: 26

CrossFit Bloomington - Testimonials - Alex Westlund before-after
Technically, my fiance signed me up for foundations and told me a few days before my first session. I had just moved to Bloomington, only knowing my fiance, and was looking for a way to get in shape. I never played sports growing up and never really worked out consistently for longer than a month or two. Over the years, I’ve struggled to find consistency in adding a fitness routine to my life. My fiance, David, has always been very active and seeing him join CrossFit Bloomington motivated to continue finding a way to get in shape. I started out my search outside of CrossFit, thinking CrossFit would be far too difficult for me and that I needed to ‘get in shape’ first before I tried CrossFit. Luckily, David had other plans for me and knew I needed a little push. He signed me up for foundations and told me a few days before I started. I was scared but excited to start my journey after seeing how much David had been enjoying going to CrossFit Bloomington each morning. The coaches are so amazing and made me truly believe CrossFit is for everyone (even though David had told me that several times).
It is hard to pick my ‘biggest’ accomplishment since I started from ground zero, there have been so many big accomplishments this past year. A few I am most proud of are 200# 1 rep max for deadlift, doing all the sit-ups (150) in Annie! (I could hardly do 1 sit up in foundations), and most recently, a strict push up.
I have been working on push ups weekly on my own, in addition to going to CrossFit, for the past 6-8 weeks and am still working on push up practice weekly. I have also taken extra care to work out my core on my own as well. I learned quickly, with help from awesome coaches, that core strength and bracing techniques are vital to improving overall strength and preventing injury!
It’s so hard to pick just one memory! I have had so many memorable moments since I joined CFB. Finding a community was not my reason for joining CFB, but I found some of my closest friends in town at the box and my favorite CFB memories are times spent outside of class, whether its a grillout after a hard Hero workout or getting drinks and dinner on the weekends with my CFB friends.
Keeping up motivation has been one of the hardest parts for me about finding a healthier lifestyle. I’m motivated to continue at CFB because of the relationships I’ve made and the strength I’ve already gained in the past year. I’m motivated by the progress I have already made. CrossFit has taught me that the words “I can’t do this” are no longer in my vocabulary, unless they are followed by “I can’t do this yet”. I am excited to continue my journey with fitness at CrossFit Bloomington and can’t thank this community enough for taking me in.