What Our Clients Have to Say

CrossFit Bloomington - Testimonials - Cathy Rippeon

I’m Cathy Rippeon

Bloomington Fitness is a warm and welcoming community of people trying to be the best they can be. The coaches are so wonderful! I look forward to each class and working alongside of friends.

I’m Beth Clawson

Bloomington Fitness Club has become a wonderful community to me. I feel so comfortable there. And inspired being around everyone working so hard.

CrossFit Bloomington - Testimonials - Beth Clawson before-after
CrossFit Bloomington - Testimonials - Alex Westlund before-after

I’m Alex Westlund

Age: 26

CrossFit has taught me that the words “I can’t do this” are no longer in my vocabulary, unless they are followed by “I can’t do this yet”. I am excited to continue my journey with fitness at CrossFit Bloomington and can’t thank this community enough for taking me in.

I’m Ameer Beitvashahi

Age: 37
Engineering/Software development

CrossFit Bloomington means a supportive community and great friends to me. CrossFit is hard – you have to push yourself through every workout. There have been countless times a coach or more experienced member cheered me on or finished a run with me – it’s hard to describe what that’s like and how meaningful it is until you experience it. The atmosphere is always positive and, when I don’t make it to a workout, I miss the high-fives and fist-bumps, and I miss seeing everyone.

CrossFit Bloomington - Testimonials - Ameer Beitvashahi before-after
CrossFit Testimonials - Testimonials - Pam Gladish-Reath

I’m Pam Gladish-Reath

Age: 50
Police Officer

CrossFit makes me test myself daily and stay motivated because I can see the improvements I am making. I am only in competition with myself.

I’m Olivier Huebscher

Age: 30
Music Teacher

CrossFit now provides an anchor point for my day. On days where I am not there I miss the people and that feeling of accomplishment at pushing myself to do things that I did not know I was previously capable of. In a little less than a year, I lost 45 pounds, cut my body fat percentage in more than half and am in the normal range for blood pressure and glucose. I have also gotten sick less often and have more energy day to day.

CrossFit Bloomington - Testimonials - Olivier Huebscher before-after
CrossFit Testimonial - Shelley Hahn

I’m Shelley Hahn

Age: 57
The Institute of Cultural Affairs USA

When I was diagnosed with osteoporosis at age 51, Crossfit was recommended to me as a way to get a full-body, high intensity workout to help battle the disease in a healthy, natural way. But I had always been a lone exerciser, was intimidated by gyms and didn’t really like exercise classes or group activities. So I continued with my regimen of some running, some cycling, a lot of walking, and when I was really disciplined, some strength training at home. Three years later I found myself unmotivated and unenthusiastic about fitness and I knew I needed help. I had to find some motivation and, dare I say it, maybe even some accountability.

I’m Nick VonFoerster

Age: 29
Application Support Analyst

CrossFit Bloomington is my means of a healthy lifestyle while also providing enough social interaction for a lifetime. It provides a family friendly environment along with a challenging yet non-intimidating workout structure.

CrossFit Bloomington - Trainers - Eric Metzler

I'm Eric Metzler

Age: 55
Instructional Support
and Assessment Specialist

The Crossfit community is like no other for me and stands at the core of my experience. We support each other: we cheer, we encourage, and sometimes we even redo part of the WOD, joining members who are struggling so they don’t have to do it alone. We celebrate each other’s accomplishments and offer our shoulders to cry on when things go wrong. I have met and befriended some of the most amazing, inspiring people in my life at Crossfit and consider them family. The level of fitness you get from Crossfit is legendary, but for me, ultimately, it’s the community that makes Corssfit so special.