Trainer Sean Medina

Throughout my youth, I have been involved in many fields of athletics. Swimming, tennis, football, basketball, soccer, martial arts, and cycling. During my junior and senior year of College at IU I participated in the little 500 race. The first year I coached a strong team and the second year I raced after we placed 10th in qualifications. After graduation, I was inspired to join Crossfit because of a friend’s passion and commitment to the sport. That friend introduced me to Crossfit Bloomington. Initially I was nervous because I knew no one, felt intimidated, and was awkward with the movements. All that aside, it was easy to connect with the community because of its supportive group of like minded people.

In June of 2013 I got my Level 1 Coaching Certification with that same friend who introduced me to the sport. Ever since then I’ve been coaching and always learning. I love every minute of it. 10 months into Crossfit I attended The Outlaw Way Barbell Camp with several friends and have been determined to get stronger ever since. I’ve attended a Mobility Certification with that very same friend who introduced me to Crossfit. I encourage all my athletes and all my loved ones to seek quality of life within this community. I’m convinced this caring community keeps me strong and healthy.

Know More About Sean

  • Level 1 Coaching Certification
  • The Outlaw Way Barbell Camp
  • Mobility Certification
  • B.S. in Psychology