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CrossFit Kids

CrossFit Kids
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WHEN: Saturdays, Jan. 16th – Feb. 6th at 11am

Parents who bring children into CFB- Children are not allowed on ANY equipment with or without a parent. They are only allowed to touch equipment under the supervision of coach Brad. This includes PVC pipes, rings, rowers, etc. They must be walked to and from the bathroom by the supervising adult as well. They must stay seated in the designated area, please bring something to entertain them. This is not dependent on the enrollment of CF Kids, it is a safety rule for ALL children at ALL times.


Roughly an hour in duration, group CrossFit classes are an all levels class that provide a continuum of challenges from beginners to the most experienced athletes. All classes are led by a certified instructor who provides semi personal training. Class time includes guided mobility, dynamic warm up, skill work, strength training, workout, and cool down. Expect to train with a supportive community of coaches and fellow athletes while building strength through the constantly varied high intensity training. This class will get you stronger and faster.


It is our belief that anyone can do CrossFit. It can be modified to any fitness level from the most fit athletes to people just starting their fitness journey.

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