Trainer Andy Weddle

Hi, My name is Andy and I’m one of your trainers at CrossFit Bloomington!

I started my CrossFit journey in February of 2011. I was hooked immediately. The team atmosphere of CrossFit brought back memories of teams I had participated on back in high school. It was great. My life changed for the better in just a short time. I was in the best shape I had been in in over 20 years. It was then, I decided I wanted to help people just as I was helped and attended the level 1 CrossFit Seminar in December of 2013 at CrossFit Mayhem in Tennessee. In June 2014, I was hired as a Trainer at CrossFit Bloomington. I hope to continue to grow as a CrossFit Athlete, have a positive impact on those around me, and to teach everyone that it’s never too late to change your life for the better.

Know More About Andy

CrossFit is for Everyone, regardless of physical or mental abilities.
I was overweight and tired all the time, CrossFit gave me the way out. It wasn’t a workout for me, it was a lifestyle change for me.
My answer is no. I believe the impact that CrossFit has on people greatly improves their overall quality of life and helps with preventing many costly health issues caused from being overweight and out of shape.
It has affected my life greatly. When I am preparing to compete in a competition, it allows me to focus on the goals I set for myself to perform. I hold myself accountable and strive to do better each time.
Yes, I do. I believe people see the positive impact it has had on those that participate in CrossFit and the positive lifestyle change that people are looking for.